Amenities policy of Grandes Apartments is common for both condos A and B.

  • The reception is open daily 9:00 to 21:00
  • Time of arrival at the apartment (check in): 13:30
  • Departure time from the apartment (check out): 12:00
  • Cleaning and changing of linen: 10:00-12:00
  • Change of towels: 4 times/week
  • Change of sheets: 2 times/week
  • Daily General Cleaning
  • Free private parking.
  • Free wireless internet in the apartment and the surrounding area.
  • Changing linen beyond compulsory, at a charge.
  • General cleaning beyond compulsory, at a charge.
  • Available DVD Player, upon request, at no extra charge.


We protect the enviroment



Grandes Apartments Kouremenos are particularly aware to environmental protection issues.

For this reason:

  • All apartments are exterior painted with bright colors which do not absorb much of the solar radiation.
  • In all apartments there are climbing plants covering more than 50% of the roof in order to create natural shading both on the roof and the pergolas.
  • The light bulbs have been replaced with LED lamps, environmentally friendly and with a low consumption.
  • Inside the apartment there is a brochure with actions that can be made by the guests in order to contribute to the environmental protection.
  • In the surroundings there is a special bin for recycling materials (plastic-paper-glass).
  • In the surroundings there is a special compost bin in order to exploit the most beneficial waste and not harm the environment with extra garbage.
  • There is a private biological wastewater treatment in the unit and the product water is used for watering the proprietary olive grove.


We love children!


Grandes Apartments Kouremenos are specially friendly to families with young children. For this reason, there are also available upon request at no extra charge:

  • Playpen, baby bedding and children’s pillow
  • Highchair
  • Children’s dish, glass, fork, spoon
  • Multi for children’s meals preparation
  • Protective plugs
  • Children’s toilet seat and potty
  • Toilet stool for children to reach the sink and the toilet
  • Night light
  • Various toys and books
  • Children’s rug for playing on the floor