The gorge of Kato Zakros is also known as the Gorge of the Dead. It is an exceptionally beautiful gorge, with high walls and big caves on them. In those caves tombs of the Minoan era have been found, which contained findings of great archaeological value. Because of these tombs, the gorge is also called “Gorge of the Dead” and the caves “Caves of the Dead”.

It is the most famous and most visited gorge of eastern Crete. A wonderful route that starts southeast from the village Ano Zakros, crosses the gorge and ends next to the Minoan palace in the gulf of Kato Zakros. It is accessible year-round, spans 2,5 km in length and the altitude difference from the entrance to the exit is about 100 metres. It is a part of the European path E4 and you can easily walk through it in about an hour. The signage in the area is very good, while a part of it that used to be challenging and is mentioned in many travel guides, has now been completely bypassed.

The beauty of the landscape, its historical importance and accessibility, attract a large numbers of visitors every year.