It is a long sandy beach with shallow, turquoise waters and small dunes, which lies about 28km from Palaikastro. The beach of Xerokambos is an ideal destination for some rest and relaxation as well as for underwater fishing lovers, because of the caves that surround the beach.

North of Xerokampos is the Salt Lake or Alatsolimni. It is a large salt lake near the sea and up to 1965 salt was extracted from it. On the same beach there is a complex of coastal saltworks, by which the locals in the Hellenistic era extracted and traded in salt. Today it is an important eco-habitat, a shelter for migrating birds, such as the flamingo, and other fauna. The beach is sandy, with shallow clear water, while in the winter the lake floods and becomes a small sea-lagoon.

Continuing the tour of the Xerokampos beaches, we will meet the Gerontolakos beach, Argilos beach, Vourlia beach, which are all close to each other.